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Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not just for the super-wealthy-- they are a wise choice for everyone! Prenups and postnups create a binding contract between spouses that create clear, agreed-upon expectations in the event that the marriage terminates. These agreements are well-known in the divorce context, but a marriage can also be terminated in the event of the death of one of the spouses. Prenups and postnups can address both of these scenarios and create differing terms based upon how the marriage ends.

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Have any of the following thoughts ever crossed your mind?

I don't have enough money or assets to justify creating a prenup

People who want prenups don't plan to stay married

My partner will question my commitment to our relationship if I bring up the topic of a prenup

Creating a prenup isn't worth the investment

If they have, then you are in good company! These are common misconceptions held by the general population. In fact, according to a 2022 Harris Poll, only 15% of Americans who have been married or are currently engaged report that they have signed a prenup.

But we want to flip the script on this topic and spread the message that Prenups are for ALL Marriages! Let's dive deeper into the above statements to dispel them as "fake news":

Prenups and postnups not only designate how assets will be divided at the time of divorce, but they also address how DEBTS will be assigned at the time of divorce.

The debt of both parties is pooled into the marital estate including pre-marital debt and debt that is only in one party's name, such as credit cards. This means that you could end up sharing responsibility for debt that you did not know your spouse was incurring. Prenups set clear guidelines for how debts will be shared in the case of divorce to protect you and avoid this potential nightmare scenario.

Ask someone you know who is divorced if they planned to get divorced when they married their ex. Doesn't this sound ridiculous?

Of course they wanted to experience everlasting wedded bliss when they said "I do," but life happens, and the reality is that we don't have a crystal ball to predict the future. Entering into a prenup or postnup does NOT mean that that you don't plan to stay married to your partner. Instead, it is a smart and mature choice to protect both parties from life's uncertainties.

We are going to make a bold statement here (brace, yourself): Entering into a prenup with your partner is an act of LOVE.

Many divorces languish in litigation for so long because the parties are overcome with pained emotions such as anger, disappointment, despair, and resentment which cloud a fair and reasonable settlement of the case. This makes sense, because there is a reason why the relationship has broken down (many times relating to a breach of trust). But when a couple agrees to terms in a prenuptial agreement, they are being guided by a sense of love, respect, and, most importantly, fairness towards their partner.

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How We Work Together

Because of our commitment to spreading the good word about prenups, we think it is only right to be completely transparent with our pricing. To sign up for prenuptial or postnuptial drafting services with our firm, the retainer is $2,500. The majority of marital agreements that we draft can be completed within this budget. Factors that could increase cost may include complex financial portfolios and/or the parties needing a longer timeframe to negotiate and agree on certain terms of the agreement.

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You can also call (508) 635-8965 or fill out our contact form.

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