Ditching the drama in divorce.

Solutions-Oriented Family Law & Mediation Center
in Worcester County, MA

Service Areas in Massachusetts Include Worcester County, Norfolk County, Bristol County,
Plymouth County, & Middlesex County, plus all of Rhode Island.

Jolee Vacchi foundations family law


to Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center– a boutique family law practice based in Worcester County, Massachusetts. We strive to resolve family law conflicts as painlessly and peacefully as possible.

Our approach is caring and dignified. While not afraid to utilize strong tactics if needed, the preferred method is respectful and amicable, especially when children are involved.

We firmly believe that something beautiful
can be made from something broken,
and we will be with you every step of the way
to help you build a solid foundation for the future you deserve.
A future filled with freedom, stability, and peace of mind.

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What Makes Us Different

Our name says it all– at Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center, we only practice family law. It’s our bread and butter, what gets our blood pumping, and jazz hands waving. Practicing family law is meaningful work, and has real-world consequences of the most intimate parts of our clients’ lives. We are passionate and experienced in this area of law, and intentionally pour all of our efforts into improving our practice in this one particular niche. Because to us, there’s nothing more important than family.

Family law cases are about you, your life, and your family. Your case is not “just another file” on our desk. You, the person, matter to us. Not only are we wildly committed to helping you achieve your legal goals, we also want your experience with our firm and staff to be as enjoyable as possible. To this end, we have implemented several policies and processes to empower you as the client. You can book your own meetings with your attorney through a calendar scheduling program. You will have 24/7 electronic access to your case file. We offer payment installments for our retainers. And, perhaps most importantly, responsiveness to our clients is a top priority; because when you need a family law question answered, we know how important it is to connect with you as soon as possible.

Instead of amping up the animosity in your case (and your legal fees) with unnecessary aggression, demands, or threats directed towards the other side, we lead with respect, reasonableness, and professionalism to resolve your matter with the least amount of conflict as possible (because you probably have enough of that as it is). This certainly doesn’t mean that we cower to bullies (domestic abusers and narcissists, we’re looking at you), but in our experience, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

At Foundations Family Law, we LOVE systems! Fillable forms, detailed workflows, and automations are our jam. Although this may sound technical and boring, the value that is passed on to you, the client, through these efficiencies can translate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in billable hours savings. Plus, you’ll also benefit from the peace of mind knowing that nothing will “fall through the cracks” as we keep your case running like a well-oiled machine while catering to the unique nuances of your personal circumstances.

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Attorney Vacchi did the most amazing job for my divorce case. She was consistently available to answer any and all questions that I had, and most importantly she was always...Read More
- B.M., Bristol County, MA
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