“Before I had my child, I thought I knew all the boundaries of myself, that I understood the limits of my heart. It’s extraordinary to have all those limits thrown out, to realize your love is inexhaustible.”

— Uma Thurman

If you are lucky enough to have the awesome opportunity of being a parent, then there is probably nothing more important to you than your child(ren). It then follows that if this extraordinary gift and center of your world is threatened in any way due to legal issues, this can be one of the most daunting challenges you may face.

In Massachusetts, even if a father is listed on a child's birth certificate, if the parents are unmarried, the mother has sole legal and physical custody by operation of law until custody orders are established by the family court. Even if parents are cohabitating and raising their child together, it is extremely important for fathers to seek legal custody rights in the family court.

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These numbers reveal the importance of having both parents being financially responsible for the betterment of their child(ren).


of children are born to unmarried parents in the United States.


of the approximate 11 million single parent families with children under the age of 18 are headed by single mothers.


of children living with a single mother live in poverty.
When I received a court summons in regards to joint custody of my son, I felt blindsided, anxious, and feared for what the outcome would be. After my first conversation...Read More
- R.S., Providence County, RI

How We Work Together

We regularly help unmarried parents to establish paternity, determine legal and physical custodial rights, craft workable parenting plans, and obtain favorable child support orders (for both the paying and receiving party). We apply our philosophy of "litigation as a last resort" to custody cases and focus on strategically negotiating agreements that work for you and your family's unique circumstances and goals, which also helps to preserve your co-parenting relationship with your child's parent moving forward. This is not only critical to your child's wellbeing but will also decrease the chance that you and the other parent will need to return to court.

To take the first step on this journey to protect your parental rights and to improve the quality of life for your child, book a consultation with us today.

You can also call (508) 635-8965 or fill out our contact form.

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