If you are facing divorce or other family law conflict, mediation is *the* way to go for a multitude of reasons. We feel so strongly about the power of mediation, particularly in the family law context, that it was important for us to highlight this preferred process in our firm's name.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which the parties to a family law dispute meet and work with a neutral-third party (the Mediator) with the goal of resolving the legal conflict without court intervention. It is important to note that the Mediator does not represent either party and does not act as a judge to make determinations about contested issues. Instead, the Mediator facilitates communications to assist the parties in reaching their own agreements.

To inquire about mediation services, please call (508) 635-8965 or fill out our contact form.

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So, what's so great about mediation? We're so glad you asked!

We know what keeps you up at night - we're right there with you.

You keep control of all terms in your case, including your finances and issues pertaining to children, instead of gambling with the most important and fundamental aspects of your life and having a stranger deciding these for you

You will save money, time, and your mental and emotional wellbeing by resolving your case through mediation instead of filing a contested action in court

Parties who mediate are less likely to need to modify their agreement in the future versus judgments issued by the court after trial (saving you future legal costs)

Mediating your case helps to preserve the co-parenting relationship for you and your ex moving forward and minimizes the negative effects of high-conflict litigation on your children

How We Work Together

At Foundations Family Law & Mediation Center, your Mediator is also an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney, who can provide you with general legal information (not legal advice), draft your Separation Agreement and uncontested divorce pleadings for court, and provide you with filing instructions and information to prepare for your uncontested hearing to ensure that your agreement becomes legally binding.

In order for mediation to work, the parties must be committed to the process and make a genuine effort to resolve all issues. The mediation will fail if one side's main goal is to hurt the other party. Additionally, transparency and truthfulness are essential to the successful outcome of the mediation process so that each party can make informed decisions and agreements.

To explore whether your case may be a good fit for mediation, give us a call or fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch!

To inquire about mediation services, please call (508) 635-8965 or fill out our contact form.

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